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Sindhanur is a city and taluk headquarter of Sindhanur taluk of Raichur District in Karnataka. The river Tungabhadra covers the irrigation area by left bank canal. Most of the land in the field is composed of cultivable black soil. Paddy is cultivated using the Tungabhadra River water. Sindhanur is also known as the Paddy Granary of Raichur. With the availability of Tungabhadra river water, paddy rice is grown twice a year. Sindhanur is the place where the majority of tractor sales take place in Asia. as agricultural activities take place year-round. Sona Masuri and Basmati rice are grown in Sindhanur.Amba Matha also spelled as Amba Mutt (Kannada: ಅಂಬಾ ಮಠ) is a village near Somalapura in the Sindhanur taluk. Amba Matha is a holy place, Sri Amba Devi Temple is located in the village.