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Manvi is a City in the Raichur district of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the municipal headquarters of the Manvi taluk. Manvi Police Station stood fifth in the list of top 10 best police station across the country. Manvi is governed by a municipal corporation. It is home to a number of religious sites including: Hazrat Syed Shah Sabzali Sattar Quadri Ra, Mallikarjunn Swamy Temple, and Manvi. Manvi is associated with a number of religious philosophers of Hinduism, such as the 18th-century the Madhva-follower and dasa Sri Jagannatha Dasa. It is also home to a number of archaeological and historical sites, such as "Fort On The Top Of The Hill", Ancient Bridges, and the Jumma-Masjid Mosque (Shahi-Masjid), an ancient mosque with outer works of black stone from the Bhamani or Adilshahi periods. The said Masque is maintaining by the Khazi Ahmed Hussain sons until his ancestral.