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Kudligi is a panchayat town in Vijayanagara district in the India state of Karnataka. Kudligi is famous for its local Tamarind. Once upon a time Kudligi was called as "The Land of rich spices" for foreign tourists who came to Hampi. Now it is called as "The Tamarind Nadu". Here Kotthala Anjaneya festival is popular during Ugadhi Festival. Kudligi was ruled by few kings from Jarmali and Madakari kingdom. Gandhiji Chithabasma was carried by Bindu Madava and his friend Guddada Karnam Venkoba Rao. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya of Vijayanagara District is in the village of Chikkajogihalli where Indira Gandhi arrived once during a campaign. Makanadaku is a village famous for Kanchobaleshwara Temple.